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Weekly commend on China.coastal transit market(groupage)
Writer:admin     Time:2009/9/7     Hits:4336

   (Since the freight of coal and grain drop, coastal complex index callback.)

  The groupage cargo transport of domestic market present the upside of the stock market has continued week after week because freight of coal,grain calls back ,coastal KLCI continued to rebound ascribed to the attachment as inhibited.The coastal overdraft(bulk)freight index which is issued by Shanghai Stock Exchange closed at 1164.36 points on April 15th, it dropped 2.05% last week.

  Some time ago,small and medium enterprises along the coast gradually resume production ,power generation capacity rebound in high demand because of the national policy support.Besides,market for coal prices is experted to be more strongly. Coastal power plant has increased the number of coal purchases. The entire coast of the coal transportation market has shown good condition. Most routes showed a continuous rising trend . But with the weakening of intensity of this wave Quotes this week, the coal freight airline market, began to fall one after another. Among them , the freight of China’s coal airline market about Tian jin , Jing tang—Shang hai , Tian jin—Ling bo, respectively , is 32 yuan/ ton , 36 yuan/ ton , compared with last week, fell by 2 yuan / ton, 3 yuan / ton . April 15, the freight index of China’s coal airline about Tian jin , Jing tang—Shang hai , Tian jin—Ling bo were to close at 1258.04 points, 1320.81 points. Compared to last week, respectively, fell by 1.79% and 5.31%.

  From the National Bureau of Statistics announced economic data on April 16 of view, Domestic first-quarter GDP grew 6.1% over the previous year, Lower than the fourth quarter of 2008 to 6.8% . under the premise of economic recovery are not yet solid, Coastal coal transportation market in the second quarter will continue to show the trend of shock adjustments , However, taking into account the expected summer peaks and domestic factors such as rising coal prices, Coal freight of coast is expected to appear trend of upside in a particular period.

  This week the market conditions of the metal ore transportation along the coast is stability. The domestic steel market is still depressing now,much imported mine is staying in the port in North China,but few factory use the steel,so the price dropped again and again,small and medium enterprises would be more careful in pruchasing the iron mine.April 15th ,coastal metal mine transport index closed at 1150.90 points,it tied with last week.。

  With the decrease of the coal price this week,the freight of coastal grain line will increase a bit.Because it’s almost the end of national corn pruchase ,the structure of supply and consume in corn adjusted a little,recently it didn’t sell well in southern China.Also,the corn market is also not in good condition,ti’s also a reason that affect the coastal tranport market this week.. April 15th ,the grain freight fom Dalian to Guangzhou is 44Yuan per ton,2Yuan per ton less than last week,and the coastal grain transport index closed at 775.61points,2.64%less than last week.      (摘录上海航运交易所信息部)